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UNISON Action Weekend – Manchester Withington

If for many, 2015 will be the most important General Election in a generation, for those delivering or dependent on public services, it will be the most important election in our lives. The politics of Austerity, not yet half way through, has blamed, targeted and punished public services to pay for a crisis caused by […]

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What We Believe: Local Government Special Conference

Today UNISON branches from across the country are meeting to find a new way forward and a new agreement on pay. This is what we are hoping to achieve: 1: We believe that lay officials, members of UNISON elected by us, should be able to take part in negotiations with our employers on our pay. […]

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Our View on Composite Motion C: A Decent Pay Increase For Local Government Members.

We are moving this composite because recent pay negotiations have left us looking timid. Left us looking weak. In our country, with a Tory Government, with a Tory dominated Local Government Association and with a Tory loving press, looking weak is a dangerous thing to do. The Tories are like sharks who smell blood in […]

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A Different View on Composite Motion A: NJC Pay Campaign 2016 Moving Forward

By now we have all had chance to read and digest the report ‘NJC Pay – Progressing Conference Motions’ which was sent to branches. In many ways we welcome this kind of document. It is good to see the work that is being done on our behalf nationally and to know what is being planned […]

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Our View on Motion 18 to the Special Local Government Conference: The 2014 – 16 Pay Proposals

We have submitted this motion because we believe that it is important that we are straight with our members. Since 2004 our pay has fallen in real terms continuously. We are all worse off. But over years of campaigning there have been so many sets of statistics and figures produced that it is difficult to […]

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Our View On Composite Motion E: Decision To Cancel Strike Action On 14th October

This composite motion is all about our union being more democratic. Taking industrial action is a big decision. Our members expect us to tell them the issues clearly and consult them fully. And its right that branches carry out that work. Members want to talk it over with the reps they elected. People they know […]

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Our View on Composite Motion B: ‘Future Pay Consultation Protocols’

On Tuesday our special local government conference will be debating the composite motion “Future Pay Consultation Protocols”. Cancelling the strike in October caused widespread anger, disillusionment and disunity. Lets be clear. We requisitioned this conference with the best intentions. It is not about making a protest, showing the decisions of the NJC committee to be […]

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TTIP: Building the Fightback

In association with War on Want, UNISON North West are running a session on ‘Building the fightback in the trade unions against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)’ with Lynne Morris (UNISON NW Regional Manager) and John Hilary, (Director, War on Want). This is due to take place at 3pm on Saturday March 21st […]

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Defining Black

Members often ask what the definition of Black is, sometimes for example, when deciding whether or not to become involved in a Black Members’ Self Organised Group, a support network for Black UNISON members. One of the actions the National Black Members’ Committee was tasked with in relation to the definition of Black was to […]

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Political Workshops

We are within 60 days of the most important election in recent memory. We have seen the effect of 5 years of austerity on our services, our families and our members – we need to discuss the issues and know what’s at stake. North West Learning and Organising Services are pleased to announce a 1 […]

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    • UNISON Action Weekend on 28th/29th March in Manchester Withington. Help support the campaign to win this key seat
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    • Apparently our Eddy Redmond's mic was shut off today. No one noticed.... #uslgc15
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    • We are really pleased with what we have all achieved together today. It's been a good day #uslgc15
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