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Access to Work Petition

As you may be aware, within hours of the general election result being declared the new government announced cuts to Access to Work funding. This will impact significantly on disabled members who rely on Access to Work funding. In particular deaf people who will be greatly affected if their access to British Sign Language interpreter […]

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Welfare – School Uniform Grant 2015

If you’re struggling with the rising cost of living, and worried about how you’ll be able to cope with back-to-school costs, UNISON might be able to help. ‘There for you‘ are once again launching the School Uniform Grant programme for 2015. An application form and poster are embedded into this post below, which you can […]

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Mental Health Awareness Course June 15

A new session of the nationally accredited Mental Health Awareness course is going to be held at St. John’s Campus, Manchester College. It will take place over 3 consecutive days commencing on 2nd June 2015. It is imperative that those that wish to attend send an expression of interest to Branch Education Officer, Steve Lynch […]

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It’s Down To Us Now

Last night was a disaster for the interests of working people in general and the young, elderly, ill and vulnerable people in particular. It is also clear that over the next five years ‎we will see attacks on all public services especially local government and our health service. Whilst the Tories may be verbally challenged […]

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10 Reasons Why UKIP Are Not The Party For You

1. UKIP – A PARTY OF CUTS! THE ENEMY OF PUBLIC SERVICES! Massive Government cuts have savaged the North West. Yet when asked about this Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, replied – “What cuts? There haven’t been any real cuts” (BBC July 2013). He called for massive further cuts, ‘real cuts’, to clear the deficit. No […]

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Manchester May Day Festival

NW UNISON is organising an international zone at the Manchester TUC May day Festival on Saturday, May 2nd at the Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD. The day begins at 11am with a rally in Piccadilly Gardens, followed by a May Day March at 11:30am (see the leaflet and flyer below for further […]

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UNISON Action Weekend – Manchester Withington

If for many, 2015 will be the most important General Election in a generation, for those delivering or dependent on public services, it will be the most important election in our lives. The politics of Austerity, not yet half way through, has blamed, targeted and punished public services to pay for a crisis caused by […]

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What We Believe: Local Government Special Conference

Today UNISON branches from across the country are meeting to find a new way forward and a new agreement on pay. This is what we are hoping to achieve: 1: We believe that lay officials, members of UNISON elected by us, should be able to take part in negotiations with our employers on our pay. […]

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Our View on Composite Motion C: A Decent Pay Increase For Local Government Members.

We are moving this composite because recent pay negotiations have left us looking timid. Left us looking weak. In our country, with a Tory Government, with a Tory dominated Local Government Association and with a Tory loving press, looking weak is a dangerous thing to do. The Tories are like sharks who smell blood in […]

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A Different View on Composite Motion A: NJC Pay Campaign 2016 Moving Forward

By now we have all had chance to read and digest the report ‘NJC Pay – Progressing Conference Motions’ which was sent to branches. In many ways we welcome this kind of document. It is good to see the work that is being done on our behalf nationally and to know what is being planned […]

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    • In light of the new Government's recently announced cuts to #Access2Work please consider signing this petition
      about 7 days ago
    • UNISON Welfare are offering financial assistance to struggling members to pay for school uniforms #thereforyou
      about 7 days ago
    • A new session of the nationally accredited Mental Health Awareness course is taking place from 2nd June 2015 #MHA
      about 1 week ago
    • Join the rally in support of UCU activists Damien and Jennifer Markey this Saturday in Bolton #wearedamo
      about 3 weeks ago
    • It's down to us now. Organised trade unions are needed more than ever to defend our members and repel future attacks
      about 3 weeks ago

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