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What’s the difference between the new LG proposal and the one we rejected?

Over the 2 years it’s worth JUST 94p PER YEAR FOR EVERY £1,000 YOU EARN. That’s before deductions! That is the only real difference between 2.2% and 2.01% over the full 2 years (0.19%) expressed on a 1 year per annum basis (0.094% pa cumulative). This applies to all members at SCP11 and above, in […]

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UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, at the TUC rally admits “It’s not good…”

As Dave Prentis says “It’s not good …”. Dave Prentis at the TUC rally on 18th October declared: ‘Enough is enough. We shall no longer sit back and allow pay to decline.’ That’s exactly why we should reject the proposed further pay cuts for Local Government. Let’s say No to two more years of real […]

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City Wide Member Pay Consultation Meetings

We have been asked by the National union to carry out a ballot of members on the latest pay proposals put forward by the NJC committee. As part of this process we are organising a series of city wide member pay consultation meetings to discuss these proposals. Our branch policy is to encourage all members […]

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National Censorship From HQ Begins

Reports are circulating that pressure has been applied to the Leeds UNISON printing unit not to produce any Branch material opposing the disgraceful pay proposals. So Branches are better off going elsewhere. Meanwhile there is no sign of the National surrender note that Branches are told to circulate to members because HQ haven’t been able […]

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Employers and National Union Leaders work together to set fire to fair pay

This circular was sent to employers yesterday signed by all three Trade Unions. UNISON National Office didn’t see fit to send it to Branches! LGA circular 15 October 2014

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National UNISON Leadership Descends To New Low To Stop Rejection of Further Pay Cuts

See the latest National Pay Surrender / Bulletin Number 52. Branches were told the consultation on the pay proposals would start on Monday 20th October. We were told this on 10th October. Apparently it now starts tomorrow and will finish on 12th November for Branches who need to tell Regions the consultation results the following […]

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An Appeal to Local Government Branches

We have requisitioned a Special Local Government Service Group Conference on pay. You can read why we have taken this step and if you agree then we need your help. For the conference to take place it requires branches representing 25% of the Service Group membership to requisition. If your branch agrees to do this […]

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LGA Labour Group Leader demands UNISON agrees to surrender in Pay Dispute

The Leader of the Labour Employer Group wrote to the UNISON General Secretary on 9th October (the day the strike due on the 14th October was cancelled) saying Councils would only be consulted on the ‘offer’ of an increase of 0.19% if UNISON would tell its own members the proposals were ‘a significant improvement’ and […]

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Manchester Branch rejects pay proposals and calls for a special LG Service Group Conference

Manchester Branch have taken the unusual step of requisitioning a special Local Government Service Group Conference. It is not something we have done lightly but we think there are major issues to be addressed within Local Government and the best way to do it is in a conference setting, where everyone can have their say. […]

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Local Government Pay: what we must do now

We may never know the true reasons why the majority on the NJC Committee voted to suspend strike action. Or the real reasons why they believe these “new, new” proposals are different in any meaningful way to the “new” proposals they rejected two weeks ago. Or how they amount to a ‘significant improvement’. What we […]

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    • Find out why we are advising everyone to reject the pay offer at our 1pm meeting at Moss Side Leisure Centre today
      about 4 hours ago
    • We will be holding a meeting on pay at 12:30 today at Longsight District Office on Stockport Road #NJCpay14
      about 4 hours ago
    • What's the difference between the new LG proposal and the one we rejected? #NJCpay14
      about 20 hours ago
    • UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, at the TUC rally admits "It's not good..." #NJCpay14
      about 20 hours ago
    • We have organised a series of city wide meetings to discuss the pay proposals. Check our timetable here #NJCpay14
      about 1 day ago

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