We Need More: NJC Pay 2022

Vote today. Decide on pay.

With the cost of living skyrocketing to new highs every day, it’s no longer enough to state you deserve decent pay for the work you do – you need it.

For a quick explainer on what the NJC pay claim is for this year and why UNISON believes that you need more, please watch this short video.

All UNISON local government members have been offered a real terms pay cut from the employer. In June, the joint trade unions submitted a pay claim for an increase of either £2,000 or RPI (whichever is greater) on all spinal column points, from 1 April 2022. The employer’s side have responded with a pay offer for 2022/23 for an increase of £1,925 on all NJC pay points, with effect from 1 April.

RPI inflation is currently 12.3% (https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/inflationandpriceindices), so this offer doesn’t meet either of our original aims and it doesn’t deliver a pay increase that keeps up with the cost of living. By not keeping up with these costs, wages are worth less than before – effectively a pay cut – and that discrepancy between pay and inflation only increases for those higher up the pay spine.

The employer’s offer is final and this is the best deal that can be reached with negotiations so now UNISON is consulting our members on whether you wish to accept or reject this pay offer.

While the national NJC Committee have decided to leave it up to members whether to vote to ACCEPT or REJECT the offer, North West UNISON Region and UNISON Manchester Branch are both recommending that members should vote to ‘REJECT’ this unfair pay offer. Enough is enough and you are worth much more.

The ballot consultation is running until Monday 19 September and we want to campaign on your behalf to get you the pay rise you deserve after several extremely difficult years.

To do this we need your help to spread the message – we need more.

You can get involved by volunteering for one of a variety of activities we have planned for this campaign. Enter your contact information below then check the boxes against the activities you are interested in and we will get in touch about how you can help our campaign.

Volunteer Activities for the NJC Pay Campaign 2022

    Phone bankingLeafleting in your workplaceFollow our Facebook page and share postsFollow our Twitter page and share postsSpeak to 10 colleagues about the pay offerSign up a colleague to UNISONJoin our online campaign rallyBecome a Workplace StewardBecome a Pay ChampionWrite to your local MP/councillor