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It’s Time To Strike

UNISON members across the country have spoken.

We have read all the facts and figures about our wages. How the pay freeze was a pay cut. How 1% is a pay cut.

More importantly we have lived it. All of us getting poorer every year. More of us claiming more benefits to make ends meet. More of us having to make sacrifices while the rich get richer.

The current offer is not fair. In any way. The LGA and the Tories will talk big about offering us the living wage. Don’t be fooled. Many branches weren’t willing to wait for the LGA to offer this to us. We have gone out and won it for ourselves and now they have the cheek to offer us what is already ours.

We are done waiting for a better offer. It isn’t going to come without action. On July 10th we will take that action.

Maybe you work with people who aren’t trade union members. Talk to them. They already know the issues. They get the same wages and have the same problems as us. Ask them to join and stand with their colleagues and friends on July 10th.

If we all stand together we can win.

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