Another pensions attack – Challenge the change from RPI to CPI

The government proposes to change the index-linking arrangements for pensions and benefits, moving from using the Retail Prices Index (RPI) to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI).

The CPI doesn’t take into account housing costs like mortgage interest payments and Council Tax, so is generally below the RPI.

This will leave millions of pensioners much worse off financially and will force some of them, particularly women, into poverty.

It’s really important that we let politicians know what we think about what the government is doing.

So take action NOW – send a strong message to your MP and sign the epetition against the proposed change to the CPI.
Sign the petition
With 100,000 signatures on an epetition the government has to consider debating the change from RPI to CPI. Number of signatures as at 21 Sept was 54,207.  Sign the epetition NOW by clicking here

Email your MP
Please ask your MP to sign the early day motion (EDM) against the switch from Retail Price Index to Consumer Price Index. Click this link for more

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