Climate Jobs Caravan


Final day of national tour, putting the case for a million new jobs to help solve the economic and climate crises: jobs in renewable energy, housing insulation, public transport, agriculture, education…


  • 11-3.30 Piccadilly Gardens (Victoria statue) Lord Mayor, TV and press conference at 3.15
  • 4.15-6 All Saints, Oxford Rd/Cavendish St
  • 6pm Join the cycling cavalcade at All Saints to accompany the caravan back to city centre

Public Meeting
7pm Public meeting at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, M2 5NS

Speakers: Richard Leese, Leader, Manchester City Council
Martin Empson, Campaign against Climate Change(trade union group)

UNISON Manchester would like to welcome the Climate Jobs Caravan to our city, following its 2,500 mile tour. UNISON recognises the enormous threat posed to the planet from climate change. Our union is committed to tackling climate change, both through the encouragement of environmentally sound practices and work and home, but also through campaigning for policies on issues such as energy and transport that will reduce emissions and create green jobs.

As the UK’s largest public services union, with 1.4 million members across local government, the health service, education, housing, transport and the utilities, our priorities include

• greening our workplace
• providing information to members
• using our campaign experience to call for fair and effective action to tackle climate change

The evidence shows that we will all be worse off if we do not take action now – with the least well off, at home and internationally, suffering the most. In the City of Manchester, over 20,000 people are currently unemployed. Government resources directed at creating jobs in sectors such as public transport, building, education and energy could help give jobs to those who need them, and reduce emissions. We welcome the arrival of the Climate Jobs Caravan.

We encourage our members and families to come to the Climate Jobs meeting in Manchester or Friday 25th May, at 7pm, with Richard Leese from Manchester City Council, environmentalists and trade union speakers. We encourage people to visit the campaigns website

UNISON Manchester

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