COP26 – Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

From 1st to 12th November 2021, you will be aware that the global climate conference, known as COP26, will be taking place in Glasgow. This is being dubbed as make or break as the time is ticking on the need for urgent action, not just words, to halt irreversible climate change and tackle its consequences. The science is clear, the economics indicate a much greater cost of delay. This is a trade union issue, there are no jobs, good or otherwise, without the natural base upon which our civilisation rests.

With this in mind, UNISON is supporting events organised by the COP26 Coalition as part of its Trade Union Caucus. Whilst much will be going on across, and in the lead up to the fortnight, and more information will follow. Here we are focussing on Saturday, 6th November which is to be a day of Action For Climate Justice, with events in Glasgow, but also around the world, including in our region. Events will take place from 12.00pm noon to 3.00pm, and included below are details of the Manchester event:

12.00 Noon to 3.00pm – Rally in St Peters Square, Manchester. Trade Union Caucas to assemble at 11.30am in Piccadilly Gardens to march to the Main Event.

It is possible other, smaller, events will be organised locally. For the developing situation on this, please follow the web sites below:

COP26 Coalition Hub –
COP26 Coalition Hub Trade Union Caucas –

Feel free to share this information on social media and you can also download this flyer with details of the Manchester event.

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