Free School E-Petition


Sefton Branch in conjunction with our members are asking if you could
take some time in signing the e-petition enclosed. UNISON members and
Teachers will by the end of next week be left in the most appalling
position, with no job or redundancy pay, due to madness of a Free School
refusing to recognise TUPE and an Authority not accepting to honour a
redundancy situation, if one is occurring.

UNISON is currently drawing up Legal Action against all parties
concerned, but in the meantime we have a situation where an organisation
such as a Free School obtaining Public Finances, are showing little or
no regard to support staff, the community or the ethos of a
comprehensive education system, just so a few can expand Gove’s Private
education Experiment.

I would be grateful if you take time to sign the petition here and circulate
to colleagues.

Keith Bradley
Lead Officer for Schools

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