Future Directions – Oppose Recruitment of Strike Scabs in Manchester


UNISON members employed in Future Directions in Rochdale are about to take 10 days further strike action from Wednesday this week as they are still in dispute over the slashing of their pay and terms and conditions.

Our members will shortly have taken 30 days strike action to defend themselves against the cuts which stemmed from Calderstone Health Trust setting up the in house company Future Directions run by the same management but with a smaller care contract now being used as an excuse to attack our members.

This Monday, 23rd September the company are taking part in a recruitment event at Manchester Town Hall to attract new staff, including bank staff that they have been using to effectively scab on the dispute to cover the striking workers.

We need volunteers to help leaflet outside the town hall from 11.30 to 1.30 on Monday to raise awareness of the dispute including letting prospective recruits know what kind of employer they would be joining.

Clearly some may not be able to attend till 12.00 but all are welcome to show our support for our members in Rochdale and to bring attention to the battle they are involved in.

The dispute may be referred to ACAS but in the meantime we need to keep the pressure up.

Clearly this is very short notice as the event has only just come to light but any support would be welcomed.

Pat McDonagh
Branch Secretary

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