Have Your Say On Pay!


The final National Pay offer of 1% effectively means a further 2% pay cut for our members and this after a three-year pay freeze which together would mean a cut of almost 20% of members disposal income given inflation over four years.

The Branch carried out a consultation with members with over a thousand members responding.

85% of members were prepared to take action up to strike to break the pay freeze and almost 70% are prepared to take action including strike action.

The National LG Committee believes that the 1% offer is the best offer achievable by negotiation given Government policy and that sustained, all-out strike action is necessary to achieve an improved pay offer.

All Branches have now been asked to consult members on the following questions:

  • I wish to accept the offer
  • I wish to reject the offer and am prepared to take sustained all-out strike action in pursuit of an improved pay offer

This is not an official strike action ballot but members need to vote Yes to action in order that an official ballot can be held to give all Local Government the chance to have a real say in terms of taking action after four years pay freeze with the threat of a further two years if we do nothing to challenge this.

Please go to this section on the site where you can click and register your view.

Stewards and contacts will also be seeking views of members at workplace level to ensure account is taken of the views of members without access to the intranet.


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