HOPE not hate Action Day, Saturday 3rd May, 11am


It’s Action Stations! If you do nothing else on the European elections campaign, give us just a few hours on Saturday 3rd May.

Give us 2 hours, and we’ll give you a fascist-free North West!

Give us 2 hours, and join the fightback against the racism of UKIP

We have 70,000 antifascist and antiracist HOPE not hate community tabloid newspapers for 70,000 homes across the city; the same effective tabloid that we’ve used to drive the BNP from office at every single turn: Burnley, Pendle, Blackburn, Stoke, Bradford, Barking.

BNP leader Nick Griffin, openly racist, homophobic and sexist, has represented us in Manchester in Europe for the past 5 years. But no more!

The community newspapers will be full of immigration myth-busting, positive reasons to vote on may 22nd to rout the racist BNP, exposing UKIP as anti-worker, extreme-right xenophobes, and all contrasted with positive local community stories, asking the question, ‘Which community would you like to live in – one of racism and hate, or one of unity and HOPE?’

HOPE not hate teams are delivering 250,000 similar newspapers in over 20 towns throughout the North West over the weekend. If we reach enough people, in a low-turnout election like this me and you could have a demonstrably positive effect on the outcome of these elections.

*If we win, we will live in a BNP-free North West for the first time in a generation!*

Meet me and hundreds of others for the HOPE not hate Manchester Day of Action on Saturday 3rd May, 11am


Bowling Green pub (picnic area)
Brookburn Rd
Chorlton, Manchester
M21 9ES


If you’re on Facebook, join the Action Day event and invite more of your friends. We’re building an antiracist army, and we’d hate for your friends to miss out.


And come talk to us on Twitter, using the hashtags #voteHOPE and #SackNickGriffin


It’s going to be a great campaign!

Matt Hanley
07932 699 427

North-West Regional Organiser
HOPE not hate

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