Manchester Council To Pay The Living Wage

Manchester UNISON, while welcoming the previous Manchester Minimum Wage which the Council introduced previously, has for some time been pressing for the introduction of the Living Wage for all City Council workers.

Therefore the decision today to build the introduction of the Living Wage as part of the 2014/2015 Council Budget is greatly welcomed by UNISON as a further positive step to address the pay of our lowest paid members.

Whilst existing external contracts will not be changed mid contract the Council is to encourage future contractors to consider the Living Wage in future bids.

Whilst this is positive news it remains true that the vast majority of members who have lost 18% of their earnings since 2010 also need a real pay increase.

The national employers are due to initially respond to our pay claim on Friday 14th February. The Branch website will immediately be updated with any news as soon as we hear of any developments.

Pat McDonagh
Branch Secretary

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