Manchester TUC rally a huge success

Tens of thousands of people, of all ages and from many walks of life, turned out on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in Manchester to say to the Conservative Party that Government policies were hurting and not working.  The noisy and friendly demonstration wound through the city’s streets, pausing only a short while outside the Manchester conference centre to give the delegates inside some free and frank policy advice.

UNISON was well represented, with many from the Manchester Branch lending their suport to the rally.

Short and rousing speeches, the best sort, from a number of trade unionists and community activists were well received by marchers at the end point of the rally outside First Street.  Jobs, growth and justice were the rallying calls for the speakers, who noted that Government’s policies attacked ordinary working people, whilst insulating the ultra rich as well as the financial sector which had been responsible for the banking crisis.

























The Branch’s own Rena Wood congratulated all the marchers, and urged all trade unionists to build for the 30 November, and transform it into the most succesful industrial action ever.  It will need to be, as public services, the NHS, pensions and decent working conditions are’t going to survive unless we – ordinary working people – do our utmost to defend them.

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