Pay Matters! NJC Pay Claim and Campaign 2013/14


At the meeting of the UNISON NJC committee held on 26 September, the committee considered the results of the branch consultation over the 2013-14 NJC pay claim. This shows that whilst pay remains a difficult issue in the context of the financial crisis in local government and job cuts, the overwhelming majority of branches supported the proposed parameters for the claim. This has also been agreed by GMB and Unite.

The Committee and the full NJC TU side received a draft NJC claim document which was discussed and the general direction/format agreed by all three unions. The claim will be lodged with the Local Government Employers in October, date to be confirmed.


We are in the process of developing a campaign plan for branches to develop at local level. There is a lot we can engage with our members on in terms of the pay claim. We need to build members’ understanding and confidence to ensure we achieve our longer term objective of restoring pay levels and establishing the Living Wage as the bottom NJC spinal column point. A range of materials are in production and we are aiming for them to be available for branches from mid October onwards.

The first stage of the campaign will be to build awareness of the NJC pay claim at local level with members and Councillors. Branches are asked to call meetings of members to show the NJC pay video, discuss the claim and the campaign once the claim is lodged and use the following materials to engage members:

  • postcard for members to complete
  • councillor letter and lobbying information
  • NJC pay film
  • Leaflet for members
  • NJC Pay materials, on key facts about NJC pay, women and NJC pay, Local pay bargaining, part-time workers
  • Living Wage campaigns
  • Stewards briefing
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Newsletter template

We will also ask activists and members to ‘Tweet about your pay’ on the day we submit the pay claim.

We will also be sending you a report on the findings of the branch survey of cuts to pay and conditions.


It is crucial we work closely with the GMB and Unite at local level to take our objectives forward, We have agreed that we will produce joint trade union materials for use at branch level. If branches are setting up meetings with Leaders of your council, where possible please do this on a joint union basis.

We welcome any comments or ideas from branches about how to build the campaign and ensure we achieve our objective of restoring NJC pay levels and achieving the Living Wage as the bottom NJC spinal column point.

With best wishes

Heather Wakefield
National Secretary
Local Government Service Group

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