Protect our Pensions – LGPS campaign hots up…

As members will be only too aware, this Tory-led Coalition Government looks keen to make Greater Manchester Pension Fundeveryone, except the rich and the wealthy bankers who caused the financial crisis, pay for the financial mess this country is in.

And one fund that they’re keen to plunder is our pension scheme.

For example, Government has set a figure of £900 million – that would require an average contribution increase from members of 3.2% – by 2014/15 to get that level of saving.  These ‘savings’ will not be ploughed back into the LGPS. Instead, they will be used to try to keep council tax down.  It’s simply unfair that ‘savings’ to Council Tax should come from members, many of whom are low paid, who are trying to save for their retirement in the LGPS.

UNISON is committed to defending decent pensions, and will take whatever action is necessary to do this.

National negotiations between UNISON and the local government employers have been running for some time  now, and the briefing linked here gives much more information on how these are progressing.

What is certain is that defending our pension scheme  is going to be a tough battle, and we need everyone with us so we can defend what’s in everyone’s best interests.  This is why we – and the other trade unions involved – are preparing to ballot members if it becomes clear that proposals for making the £900 million ‘savings’ or the longer term future of the LGPS are not acceptable.  We also need members to write to their MP to get their support for our campaign.  Act NOW by clicking here to email your MP

LGPS – Local Government Pension Scheme.  Many UNISON Manchester members  pay into the Greater Manchester Pension Scheme

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