Voters have waved bye bye to the BNP

You might have already heard the news but I thought I would tell you that every BNP candidate who stood in yesterday’s elections has lost. This includes those BNP councillors up for re-election.

This is a fantastic rejection of their racist politics.

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The BNP defeat means that there is no BNP councillor in Burnley for the first time in ten years. Other previous BNP strongholds like Calderdale, Rotherham, Amber Valley, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Three Rivers and Epping Forest are also now BNP free zones. This leaves the BNP with just three councillors, down from a high of 57.

Tell us how that makes you feel?

A special thanks must go to the hundreds of people who got involved in our campaign this year and also the unions and individuals whose donations made this campaign happen.

In total, we delivered over 750,000 newspapers, leaflets and direct mail letters in these elections and none of this would have been possible without you – our supporters – who have made this campaign what it is.

In these difficult economic times it is only a matter of time before the racists – in the guise of the BNP or some other party – once again pose a threat. But today is one to celebrate. HOPE has defeated hate and voters have waved Bye Bye to the BNP.

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Many Thanks

Nick Lowles
Hope not Hate Co-ordinator

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