What will you be doing on 26 March?

What is being proposed for British public services are the most radical changes since the Second World War.  And none of us voted for it; because very little of what the ConDem government are now undertaking was in their election manifestos.  You’ll look in vain for any indication that they publically planned a massive top-down re-organisation to our National Health Service, despite what Mr Cameron said, or planned to put the entire public sector out to tender. 

Is nothing sacred?  Well for this Government, bankers’ massive bonuses will remain, whilst corporations and the ultra rich will still be allowed to avoid paying their fair share of tax.  And they don’t seem to mind our society becoming ever more divided between the wealthy few, an increasingly worried  ‘squeezed middle’ who are just getting by and ever larger numbers of people being made unemployed and falling into real, boring and unglamorous poverty. 

So despite the Governor of the Bank of England confirming that it was the financial crisis that got us into this mess, the Government are busy selling off our public services to their friends in the City of London, so they can cut the wages of already low paid workers then bank the profits. 

We’re in this together, say the 23 millionaires in the ConDem Government’s cabinet.  They must be having a laugh, and it’s at our expense. 

The ConDem Government’s attacks on the welfare state, on public services, on Manchester, on the young and on ordinary working people are a disgrace.  And we don’t just have to let them happen. 

Join the TUC protest in London on 26 March; bring friends and family so we can start to fight back against the ConDem attacks.  The Branch is organising transport, so just fill in the form online (click on the March 26 logo to the right) or get in touch with the Branch Office NOW.

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