Changes in Policies Related to m people

The Branch Executive received the m people result when it met on 19 November and also agreed a number of policy changes which will complement the m people process.

Flexible Working

This new document details the full range of arrangements that are possible in the future depending on personal preferences being matched with service needs. It brings together the whole range of alternatives within one policy.

Support to Study

This new policy explains how the Council will positively respond to future requests for training in respect of personal development and the grounds on which requests will be considered.

Pay Protection

Details all existing pay protection arrangements and it is now clarified that anyone going to a placement will do so on their substantive grade. Pay protection only commences (where necessary) when a person is allocated to a substantive post. It has also been clarified that any staff already on pay protection will retain the balance of protection when opting into m people.

Excess travel

Essentially the policy remains but procedures will be streamlined and simplified.

Protection of Annual Leave

The current arrangements will continue to apply but it has now been confirmed anyone opting in to m people who is currently on protected annual leave will continue to retain their protected leave. In future staff will need to move more quickly to other roles where needed and work more flexibly; the above arrangements offer a level of protection and security not seen generally in other employers. Further details will be available from stewards and the Branch.

Pat McDonagh

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