Join UAF Protest Against Fascist EDL Founder’s Book Launch

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have organised a protest against EDL founder Tommy Robinson’s book launch, which is taking place in Castlefield Bowl in Manchester City Centre tonight (Friday 3rd November).

UAF’s protest is assembling at 5.00pm at St Peter’s Square, outside Central Library next to Manchester Town Hall. From there the protest will proceed onwards to the Castlefield Bowl.

As Tommy Robinson mobilised a thousand people at his protest in Manchester in June, UAF believes he will get good numbers for his fascist book launch therefore they are asking for as many members of trade unions as possible to mobilise for this, to send a clear message that Robinson’s hatred and division are not welcome here.

UAF’s protest is supported by North West Regional Secretaries from:
CWU, FBU, NUT Section – NEU, PCS, UNISON, Unite; and MPs, MEPs, Councillors and others.

Please follow the FaceBook link below for updates, and please share the event page for the protest.

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