Labour Link Elections 2021

Branch members who have opted to pay into the Labour Link political fund as part of their membership will shortly receive ballot papers in respect of UNISON’s Labour Link Elections.

It only takes a couple of minutes to vote and we encourage all eligible members to participate in this important election.

Voting is now open and your completed ballot paper must be received by Wednesday 13 October.

Our branch has nominated the following candidate for the 2021 election following a discussion at our branch committee meeting held during the nomination period.

Below you can read why we have chosen to nominate this candidate.

Our branch has nominated Joanne Moorcroft to be elected to represent the North West Region on UNISON’s National Labour Link Committee.

Our branch knows Joanne well, she has a great track record of effective campaigning within the Labour Party and within our union.

Joanne is unafraid to speak up if Labour Party policies do not meet the aims and objectives of our union.

If elected Joanne will be a strong and passionate voice for Labour Link members, holding the national Labour Party accountable to the policies our members so desperately need in these tough times.

Please use your vote!

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