MCC Adult Services Update


The Trade Unions met recently to raise objections with Management about the Day Services Redesign.

A number of issues were raised with management reflecting the concerns that members have so far expressed.

In particular these were:

  • the short period on consultation with dates for proposed interview already being published and the alarm this has caused.
  • the large scale of the reductions without proper prior discussion of detail with trade unions to allow us to understand and comment on the proposals.
  • the mixed groups for the consultation, rather than going to each centre to discuss the proposals for them and their customer group which caused a lot of confusion.
  • the proposals to introduce a Grade 2 Assistant Well-being Officer role in Centres that don’t currently have one, without a full explanation of what work they will be doing in comparison to the Grade 4 Wellbeing Officer roles.

We are concerned that this will simply mean that everyone will be doing the Grade 4 role, but some paid on Grade 2.

If it is demonstrated that there is work for a Grade 2 role then the concerns staff have raised about the balance of numbers between the Grade 2 and the Grade 4 roles. I have managed to visit two centres so far, and it is clear that UNISON members are concerned that the plan is to run the centres on too many Grade 2 officers.


As we would not want to have lots of experienced staff in the Grade 2 roles on pay protection, members are worried that the skills mix won’t be right, there will be too many new/inexperienced staff in the centres and this may have safety issues for staff and customers.

We raised questions about why Eric Hobin and the Hall Lane Residential service are included in the redesign when this has never been mentioned previously.


As a result of the meeting the following has been agreed:

  • In principle an extension to the consultation period, the date it is extended to has yet to be agreed.
  • Further consultation meetings at each individual centre so that staff have an opportunity to ask more detailed questions about how the proposals will affect their centre, and their customers.


This should allow more time to properly consult on all the issues raised.

I have so far managed to get to Hall Lane and Northfield to meet with members and have plans in place to go to Chapman Place to meet with members from there and Tabberner.

I will be in touch with those who have helpfully agreed to be UNISON contacts for this redesign to make sure meetings happen on each site.

If I haven’t got to your area yet you haven’t been forgotten!

I will also ensure I attend the additional consultation meetings management are arranging, at our request, so there will be plenty of opportunity for members to seek guidance and advice from UNISON.

Hope the above is of some assurance at what is a very difficult time for Adult Services in this area.

An update will be circulated to stewards and put on the Branch site as matters become clearer.

Evelyn Doyle
Assistant Branch Secretary

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