New calendar now online for up-and-coming events

We have recently added a new calendar feature to our website which we hope will be of use to all our visitors. This calendar will display the up-and-coming events that are planned by the branch locally as well as those organised by UNISON or other affiliated groups nationally.

You can reach the calendar by clicking on the Events link towards the top of this page. This will take you to a grid view displaying all the days for the current month with any scheduled events listed against the appropriate date.

By hovering your mouse pointer over the event you are interested in, you can see an excerpt from the event description in the pop-up that appears over the box. If you click on the box itself you will automatically be taken to the specific post with more detail which also includes integrated Google Maps functionality to assist you in getting to the event location.

As this is a new addition to our website we welcome feedback from our visitors so please feel free to submit your comments or any other general website query through the Contact Us form which you can find here.

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