We Still Need Buses To Be Publicly Controlled And Accountable

The public consultation carried right across Greater Manchester a year ago resulted in a massive majority for the bus companies to be regulated and put under public control rather than the unregulated mess of a bus service we currently endure.

Since then the Covid pandemic caused Greater Manchester Combined Authority to review this proposal but after extensive work both believe the proposal to regulate the buses is still the right one for Greater Manchester bus passengers and the public as a whole.

The proposal to continue with franchising buses is now out for public consultation but this ends at midnight on 29th January so don’t delay and reply to make clear you support regulation of our bus services.

It is reasonable to consider the proposal to regulate buses given the massive impact of Covid on services at the moment but truth is the people of Greater Manchester need our bus services to be regulated for decades to come regardless of any Covid disruption over this year.

You can read the consultation document in full online by clicking on this link.

Don’t miss your chance to have your say on the future of our bus services and take a few minutes to submit your views by 29th January through the following link: gmconsult.org/strategy-team/greater-manchester-bus-consultation/

You can also give your feedback to the consultation directly by emailing gmbusconsultation@ipsos-mori.com.

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