38 Campaign – Olympic Tax Dodgers


The campaign 38 Degrees is doing a fantastic job on the issue of Olympic tax dodging by multinationals like McDonald’s and Coca Cola who are sponsors of the Olympics and are set to make huge profits while paying no tax.

There are over 200,000 signatures already on their latest petition.

Five of the companies have already got in touch with 38 degrees saying they will now pay their taxes.

But there 9 other companies holding out.

Here is the message from 38 Degrees:

“You can sign the petition at: secure.38degrees.org.uk/Olympic-Tax-Dodging

I’ve just signed the petition demanding that Olympic corporate sponsors pay their fair share of tax.

Part of the corporate sponsorship deal includes huge tax breaks, with massive multi-nationals standing to make a tax-free fortune – at our expense.

These gigantic corporations spend millions carefully cultivating their public images, so let’s pile on the pressure and shame them into refusing their gold-plated tax break.”

Please sign the petition now: secure.38degrees.org.uk/Olympic-Tax-Dodging

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