999 – answer the call for your NHS

The NHS is under threat from privatisation and cuts.

 The Tory health act has pushed the profit motive to the heart of the English NHS.  Key treatments are being restricted, services cut and jobs lost, resulting in increased waiting times, delays and staff shortages on our wards.  

Our NHS is the fairest and most cost-effective health service in the world.  We want it to remain healthy, which is why we are asking people who use the NHS at some point in their lives – ie all of us – to help defend it from attack. 

Don’t let the Tories ruin it.  999 – answer the call for your NHS.

Supporters of the National Health Service and all those who want to defend jobs, services and a decent welfare state will be marching in Manchester to deliver a clear message to Conservative Party Conference on Sunday 29 September that we mean to Save Our NHS from cuts and privatisation.  

All are welcome to join UNISON, trade unions, NHS campaign groups and many others on the rally.  Family, friends, young and old will be most welcome at the march and rally, which will be a fantastic opportunity to show the massive and real support our NHS enjoys.  

March and Rally – Sunday 29 September 2013.  Assemble at Liverpool Road (M3 4FP) from 11am, and marching to a rally in Whitworth Park.

Want to know more about what the Government is doing to our NHS?  Take a look at: http://www.unison.org.uk/our-campaigns/unison-campaigns/999-answer-the-call-for-your-nhs/the-facts/

More information from the Trade Union Congress here:  http://www.tuc.org.uk/industrial/tuc-22405-f0.cfm

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