A Happy New Year message of cuts, cuts and more cuts from the Tory / Lib Dem government

Chancellor George Osborne launched his first salvo of the New Year with a promise of even more spending cuts.

UNISON’s General Secretary said, “In true right wing style, he stigmatises  those who have to depend on benefits, and the jobless. He wants to  permanently cut taxes by cutting vital spending that those taxes pay for.

“So where will those cuts fall?  What can we do without?  I know what I’d like to do without: and that’s this wretched Tory/LibDem government.

“The UK is being systematically drained of all that is good about our society.  Care and compassion are being swept aside by the flood tides of hard-core Tory values.  And that means the weak, the sick and the vulnerable left to fend for themselves.  Tories really know how to kick people when they are down.

“Today the Tories again showed their true values, masked under the pretence of “paying down” the deficit.  Those policies haven’t worked. The deficit has got bigger because of high unemployment, falling wages and rising prices. 

“The only people who are benefiting from the “recovery” are the rich and powerful. 

“We need people back in work, earning decent pay, spending their money in local shops and businesses and not dependent on benefits to make ends meet.”



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