Austerity Wrecks Lives Demonstration 6th September

The TUC has organised a march and rally against austerity for Saturday 6th September. Right here in Manchester.

Since 2010 the cuts the Tories have forced on us have been hurting the most vulnerable and poorest in our society. What makes it worse is that their policies aren’t about fixing the economy. We know that simply because it isn’t fixed.

“Austerity”  is part of an ideology. The selfish greedy ideology of the Tories. An ideology that supports the rich and the privileged at the expense of the rest of us.

This Tory led Government has changed the law to stop political protest in the run up to the general election next year. That means that this autumn will see some of our last chances to stand up together and tell them what we think. To say that come the election, the tories have to go.

Join the march and rally in Manchester and let them know we don’t believe their lies and we don’t believe in their austerity policies.

11am: Assemble at Castlefield Arena, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR

11.30am:  March around Manchester city centre begins

12.30pm: March returns to Castlefield Arena for the Rally

Bring your friends and family too.

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