Don’t let them trade our rights for cash

Dear Friend

Next week, together with union activists, I’ll be delivering a huge letter right to the door of Number 10 Downing street, saying ‘our rights at work are not for sale’.

This Tory government are forcing through their plan to allow some businesses to force new employees to give up some of their most crucial rights at work, in return for shares in the business.

This is your last chance to add your name to the letter before we deliver it to Cameron’s front door.

Sign the petition here:

If this clause in the Growth and Infrastructure Bill goes through, then we could see working people bribed by their employers to give up some of the most fundamental workplace protections, including:

  • The right not to be sacked unfairly.
  • Redundancy pay and redundancy rights.
  • The right to request flexible hours to fit round family or caring responsibilities.
  • The right to request training.
  • Some maternity rights.

Labour MPs have been fighting this Bill in the House of Commons, like we’ve been fighting this government’s attacks on working people’s employment rights in other legislation. Rights are not something that can be traded for cash. We need an equal One Nation Britain where employees are valued and respected in all workplaces.

In this time of economic hardship and high unemployment, it beggars belief that the government keep coming up with new ideas for making it easier to sack people – when they don’t have a plan at all for how to grow the economy and create jobs. We want the Government to make it easier to hire not fire employees.

Will you add your name to our letter to Cameron and Osborne, saying ‘our rights at work are not for sale’?

Sign the petition here:

Together, we can send the government a message that we won’t stand for this attack on our rights.

Thank you for your support,

Ian Murray MP
Labour’s Shadow Minister for Employment Rights

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