Event: Breaking the Silence – 5 May 2020

*UPDATE* Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus this event has now been postponed until 5th May. Any tickets purchased already will be valid for the later date.

A discussion about how men, women, BME and LGBT people are affected by domestic abuse.

About this Event

Whenever the topic of domestic abuse gets brought up, we always seem to come across the same issues. Male and female statistics keep changing and it’s especially difficult to find reliable ones for minority groups. I aim to shine light on the ever-changing statistics, the lack of reliable statistics, the reasons why certain groups of people aren’t represented enough and how it doesn’t matter what your sex, race, age, sexuality or class is, abuse affects everyone. I’ll also be discussing examples of BME and LGBT celebrities who’ve abused others and exploited the struggles of BME and LGBT people to victimise themselves.

All the money from the tickets will not only go to Survivors Manchester, The Pankhurst Trust & The Proud Trust, it will also go to funding future events.

This event has been organised by Genoveve Simmons and to book a ticket you should visit the Eventbrite page here.

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