Fight for working people, not each other

Unison believes the attack on our leader is misjudged, mistimed and indulgent. After a devastating Referendum result, it is vital that our Labour MP’s return to their constituencies to begin to heal the dangerous fault lines that have split poorer working class communities and not be hidden away in the corridors of Westminster plotting against an elected leader with an overwhelming mandate.

With this in mind you will find below two examples of letters sent by activists to MPs. You may want to consider sending one yourself.


Hi (MP’s name)

I and many others others cannot believe in the number of shadow ministers deserting the party at this time.

Yes most MPs do not support the Leader but it is unacceptable for some of those to show such contempt for the vast majority of the party membership who voted for the Leader so recently.

If he is on the ballot paper he will be massively re elected but only after attacks by ambitious opportunists in our PLP and the historical failures who no longer represent the party which can only weaken the party before the next general election.

If he is excluded it will devastate the party for decades to come.

Those MPs who think they can second guess the party are deluded and blinded by personal ambition.

I hope you do not resign and will work to challenge this nightmare agenda when the Tories are at their weakest.



Dear MP,

With the country in crisis, the Tories set for a summer of civil war, and working people desperately looking for a lead, the self indulgent behaviour of some Labour MPs is beyond belief.

Tthe priority now is to go forward, to ensure workers rights, public services, wages and jobs are protected in the coming period. We also need to start building bridges with that section of our voters that feel left behind and that feel they have not benefitted from globalisation over the last 20-30 years. We have to do that in a way that addresses the fears of those people who voted remain and are now fearful of the outcome of Brexit.

If we can show that Labour has answers to the serious problems around housing, jobs, wages, public services and the other issues that leave people prey to blaming Europe or migrants, then our party can only build support in this situation. If we fail, through self-indulgent infighting, we risk the rise of UKIP in many of our heartlands that we have successfully resisted until now.

A leadership contest will solve nothing. If Jeremy stands he will win. If he is prevented from standing the party will be paralysed by civil war.

Please bring your influence to bear to end the infighting and enable our Labour team to unite quickly to rise to the challenge and get on with the job in hand straight away. .

Yours sincerely

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