Hope not Hate update

The nominations for the 2012 elections are now in, writes Nick Knowles,  Hope not Hate Co-ordinator,  and almost 300 far right candidates are standing across the country. Most are standing for the British National Party, but there are also significant numbers standing for the National Front and a splattering of others for smaller racist parties. Hope not Hate is also targeting the 91 candidates standing for the English Democrats, almost half of whom belonged to the BNP just a few months ago.

The HOPE not hate campaign is prioritising those wards where BNP councillors are up for re-election and if we defeat them in these we could reduce the BNP to just two borough councillors. But we are also keen to limit their vote everywhere – and for this we are hoping you will help.

We have produced leaflets targeting the BNP, the NF and the English Democrats. If you would like to get together with other HOPE not hate activists to distribute some where the far right are standing, please sign up here.

This weekend we are focusing on our top priority areas, places such as Burnley, Rotherham, Amber Valley and Nuneaton, but over the following two weekends (21/22 and 28/29 April) we want to spread our campaign across the country. We want to show the racists that wherever they spread their hateful poison we will be there.

There are far right candidates in 70 out of the 184 councils with elections this year. The chances are there is someone standing near you. What we want to do is to put people who want to help in touch with each other and then we will build an activity around that. It might be a public activity, in which case we will advertise it to other HOPE not hate supporters near you, or perhaps you would just prefer us to send you some leaflets and you can do it quietly in your own time. Whatever suits you is good for us.

I’d like to spread a message of HOPE.
You can find a list of far right candidates here.

Over the last few years the BNP have been beaten back in many areas of the country. Please help us ensure we add your local area to this list.


Nick Knowles
Hope not Hate Co-ordinator

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