Joint Statement from the Schools Unions

We have agreed a further joint statement from the TUC education unions. Together we are calling on the government to hold off on increasing the number of pupils in schools and nurseries in England on 1 June. We all agree we need a joint plan with the government for a safe increase in pupil numbers.

UNISON is a member-led union, and our national schools committee is made up of members like you who work in schools. They meet tomorrow to decide on our next steps – including what to do if the government drives ahead with its plans.

We are urgently working on materials for members that will help provide a framework for protecting staff and discussions about health and safety at your school. In the meantime, if senior leadership insists that you engage with planning for 1 June opening, then make it clear that you and your union have serious concerns about the health and safety of staff and pupils, and don’t believe opening from 1 June can be safe.

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