Local Government pay ballot – use your vote

The national employers’ below-inflation pay offer represents another effective pay cut for local government workers.  

It does nothing to even begin to restore the 20% loss in pay since 2010.  It means yet another year with a further pay cut for the vast majority of members.  

Nationally it leaves half a million workers below the Living Wage level, and the lowest paid just 30p above the national minimum wage.   The national employers are in effect carrying out the Tory / Lib Dem decision to restrict public sector pay to a below inflation rise of 1%.  This Government looks to impose the same pay restrictions for years to come.  

UNISON is now conducting a national consultation on whether members are willing to take action on pay; to start to win back some of what we have lost, as well as opposing further real cuts in pay this year.  

The UNISON Manchester Branch has arranged for our consultation through an all members postal ballot.  Members will be receiving their ballot packs in the post in the next few days.  All members are urged to vote and return their ballot paper in the FREEPOST envelope provided. 

Unless members are prepared to accept the 20% pay cut since 2010 and the promise of more to come, members are urged to reject the offer and support taking action.


The Branch has arranged special meetings on pay across the city to answer questions.  All members most welcome to attend:

  • Thursday 3 April  12.30 – 1.30 pm  The IT Suite, Ground Floor, Wythenshawe Forum
  • Friday 4  April 12.30 – 1.30 pm  Friends Meetings House, Main Hall, Mount Street (behind Central Library, Manchester
  • Monday 7 April  12.30 – 1.30 pm  Function Room, First Floor, Irish Centre, 10 Queen’s Road, Cheetham Hill

There’s more information about the pay offer linked here, but as ever, any questions, get in touch with your local Steward or the Branch Office.


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