March for the Alternative: A Huge Success!

The TUC March on Saturday 26th March was a huge success.

500,000 people, including 100,000’s of thousands of Unison members, joined the march to condemn the Government’s butchering of Britain.

The numbers that attended were greater than any of the predicted forecasts and this marks a qualitative change in Britain about Government policies.

Please find attached links to photographs and interviews taken from the march. These show its awesome scale and power.

Link to Flickr with photos taken on the day

Link to YouTube for video interviews from the march

Article about the march on the Guardian website

The March was the a great step forward in our to fight for our future and the future of our country and our children.

The March was the voice of ‘big society’ not this governments politicians, but us, the ordinary people. All those who took part knew that it was a privilege to be there, to see Britain’s voice in action and to take part in a moment of history.

Finally Unison condemns the violence that took place outside the march. It was sponsored by a few ‘me’ people who believe that breaking civil society is an alternative. They are not an alternative, indeed they are just like the Government in that regard. All Unison members will condemn their violence.

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