Our NHS Our Future

The NHS that we know and love is under threat. The government plans to massively shake-up the NHS, which has the potential to cause huge damage to patient care and waste vast sums of public money.

The plans will turn the NHS into a business where our taxes will increasingly pay for profit-driven companies to provide our healthcare.

We must ensure that the NHS continues to be a public service that gives us quality services that are local, easy to access and free when we need them.
Speak up for the NHS
To protect our NHS we need to act now. The Tories and Lib Dems are playing politics with the future of our health service – we need to stop them.

If you share our belief in a quality health care system that is publicly owned, not driven by profit – join our campaign.

  • Add your voice to our campaign. Tell us why the NHS matters to you
  • Find out more about the government’s plans for the NHS read our factsheet
  • Talk to your colleagues, family and friends about the government’s plans for the NHS and ask them to add their voice to our campaign

To find out what UNISON is doing to challenge the government’s health reforms, click here…

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