Our View on Motion 18 to the Special Local Government Conference: The 2014 – 16 Pay Proposals

We have submitted this motion because we believe that it is important that we are straight with our members.

Since 2004 our pay has fallen in real terms continuously. We are all worse off. But over years of campaigning there have been so many sets of statistics and figures produced that it is difficult to see the money we have lost.

We need to be clear and honest. We can’t be seen to be like the LGA, spinning deals to make them look better, or producing materials that are too complex for any of us to unpick.

The materials produced about the recent pay deal caused some controversy within the union. Some people felt that they tried to make the deal seem better than it was.

We need to make sure that everyone has simple, easy to understand figures. That way we can make sure no one will feel that way again.

This motion will guarantee us all a clear picture of what we have lost so that we can make clear judgements on what action we want to take in the future.

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