Outcome of Pay Consultation

Whilst our Branch recorded a good turnout in the consultation exercise and rejected the 1% pay offer by a ration of 3 : 1 and we had a good Regional result unfortunately this was not reflected elsewhere other than in the London region.

Scotland UNISON members are currently being balloted for strike action

Therefore the 1% backdated from April will now be paid by Councils in England and Wales.

Whilst the outcome is disappointing the Branch wants to thank all Stewards and Contacts for their work and all the members who took part in the Branch consultation.

Hopefully we will see a UNISON campaign on pay in the next months to ensure next time the union has a mandate to take action on pay.

Below is the National statement on pay.

‘The NJC Committee met this morning to consider the outcome of the branch consultation over the 2013-14 NJC pay offer.

59% of members voting accepted the offer – with 41% rejecting. However, 78% of branches voted to accept the offer.

The turnout was 12.43%, down from 16.56% in 2009.

The NJC Committee voted to accept the offer, while noting that it was completely insulting and did not come anywhere near our aspirations. The Committee agree that we should maintain a high profile campaign from now on, with a view to a better offer next year and building towards industrial action next year in the event that the offer in 2014 is not acceptable.’

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