Pensions Strike Solidly Supported

The strike to defend decent pensions was really solid across  Manchester, and indeed across the whole country.

And the march through Manchester city centre was massively well supported, beyond most people’s expectations.  What was most heartening was the real and active support that pickets and marchers received from members of the public, at workplaces and along the march route.  We were cheered and clapped by passers by, christmas shoppers and ordinary members of the public – and reason why was because they agree that what the government are doing to pensions and to public services is wrong and just unfair.

What the government need to do now is start negotiating seriously, and not talking the same old tired rubbish to the media.

Below are just a few pictures from the picket lines and rally.  If members have any good pictures they’d like to share, we’d love to see them so do email them to the Branch.































The Manchester Evening News has some good pictures too at:

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