Received your vote? Use it NOW, vote YES

By this week, most people entitled to vote will have got their ballot papers –  don’t put it off – Vote Yes now.

We need a resounding Yes Vote to show government ministers the strength of opposition to their unjust and unnecessary
detrimental changes to public sector pensions.

We have been talking for the past 8 months, but it is clear they are just not listening. We are still committed to talks, but we need to make progress.

Make sure you add your voice to the groundswell of opposition and say loud and clear – Enough is Enough – Vote Yes today.


Ballot papers started to be sent to relevant members from 11 October and the ballot closes on 3 November.

If you haven’t received a ballot paper by 17 October, and you think you should be included in the ballot, you can contact the ballot helpline on 0845 355 0845. You should do this before noon on 31 October.

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