The Future after the General Election

Last night’s results were difficult for all those of us who believe in the importance of quality, accountable public services for our people.

Given the Tory majority and their past approach to public services we all obviously face further attacks on our services, our jobs, pensions and the whole social fabric of our society.

It is clear that it will be down to trade unions to be central to the opposition to future attacks on our members, services and those most vulnerable in our communities.

Unity is strength and we all need to do our utmost to do all we can to strengthen our union, increase our membership and stand up for our members and our services.

Collectively we need to do all we can to protect our services by supporting each other and being active as members in the campaigns and battles we will face.

There is always hope for a better future beyond the darkness and together we will do all we can to work for our members, our services and our communities.

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