UNISON Action Weekend – Manchester Withington

If for many, 2015 will be the most important General Election in a generation, for those delivering or dependent on public services, it will be the most important election in our lives.

The politics of Austerity, not yet half way through, has blamed, targeted and punished public services to pay for a crisis caused by the banks.

None of the services UNISON members provide are likely to survive, in a form we would recognise, another five years of the Con-Dem Government.

Many local authorities will be unable to deliver even basic services if the cuts continue at this pace.

Whilst the costly top down reform to the NHS, something they promised they would not do, has not just increased waiting lists and led to major problems in the service, but forces hospitals to privatise or outsource services.

UNISON Labour Link are urging members to vote for public services in the up and coming election.


Yet if you want to do a bit more, you have the chance as citizens to support the local Labour Party campaign in Manchester Withington. This is a key seat that can help swing this election.

We are urging any members who are willing to volunteer to help door knocking, or leafleting in Manchester Withington this weekend Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March 2015.

On both days, we’ll be meeting at 11.30am by the horse trough on Copson Street, Withington M20 3HE. It’s in the car park round the back of the Coop store – the trough is a famous local feature.

For directions you can also refer to the Google Map embedded below:

Manchester, Manchester M20 3HE, UK

There’s likely to be a mixture of door-knocking and leaflet delivery on both days. Also, if you wish to do more, there will very likely be ward campaign sessions on both afternoons in various parts of the constituency, and members may want to participate in these as well as/instead of the constituency campaign sessions.

Any help will be great in this key seat.

Alternatively, follow the local campaign and get further details on the dedicated website:
Manchester Withingtonwww.jeffsmith.org.uk

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