UNISON Women Members Conference

Our own Lesley Lancelott made sure Manchester was heard at the conference on Thursday as  Labour Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper took questions following her speech.

Lesley asked:

“Given that benefit sanctions affect women the most, and particularly women with children claiming in work benefits and that this government have rewarded their backers like HSBC with massive tax breaks will Labour revoke benefit sanctions and use the law to prosecute tax thieves and recoup money stolen from the public purse by HSBC and their thieving cronies?”

Yvette responded by talking about how under the Tories Job Centre Plus have targets for sanctions, which Labour is committed to getting rid of, while maintaining rules about claiming, and talked about how they will make sure they enforce existing laws to close down tax evasion.

Lesley will be reporting back on the conference to our next Branch Executive Meeting.

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