Use your Vote on Thursday to STOP fascist Tommy Robinson

Use your vote to Stop Fascist Tommy Robinson.

Trade unions are supporting the campaign to encourage people to use their vote on May 23rd to stop the fascist Tommy Robinson becoming an MEP in the North West.

The PR system in the EU elections means he only need a small percentage of the vote to win seats. To beat him, people have to go and vote for someone else.

That’s why we’re running a major campaign to get the maximum vote out against Tommy Robinson.

We need a big turnout and every vote counts. So we’re asking for your help to make this campaign reach as many people as possible. Tommy Robnson is a fascist. he co-founded the english Defence League. he was a member of the BNP. He has recently marched with Polish Fascists who were chanting anti-semetic slogans. He is violent with many convictions. If he wins this will increase his and his supporters’ confidence to engage in further violence.

What Can You Do?

  • Make sure you vote this Thursday 23rd May
  • Get together with colleagues
  • leaflet and email your workmates, so they know to vote
  • take a collection, donate to the Campaign
  • take selfies to show active support and share pictures and events on social media with the unions’ hashtag, along with: #RacismOutOfElections / #StopFascistRobinson / #NoRacismNoFascism

Can you spare some time on the final days of campaigning? Even for an hour?

For full details of activities, go to

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