What did your MP do to save the NHS?

The government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill has now cleared both Houses of Parliament and has passed into law.

Coalition MPs voted to agree the Lords’ amendments to the Bill, turning down a Commons proposal from Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham to delay the final vote until the government published the Transitional Risk Register, which outlines the dangers they expected to the NHS through these reforms.

This is a major blow, but for UNISON and the other groups and organisations campaigning against the Bill, the fight for our NHS is far from over.

So it’s important that we don’t let up on our opposition to what the government are doing with our Health Service. The changes, whilst highly damaging to the principles of the service, are reversible. UNISON will continue to work with other trade unions, patients groups and other organisations to restore and retain our NHS.

To see what your MP did to protect your NHS, why not check the voting lists to discover where your MP stood on
the final debate.

For more info on what UNISON is doing to defend the NHS against privatisation, click here

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