BEC Meeting Minutes – 28th November 2012




Pat McDonagh, Pete Banks, John McHugh, Marion Doherty, Katie Ayres, Carl Greatbatch, Evelyn Doyle, Julie Connolly, Rena Wood, Bnard Sudlow, Malcolm Jones, David Hall, Helen Clarke,Vimal Gadher, Patrick Taylor, Eddy Redmond, Noel Bayley, Cath Baggaley, Jan Welsby, Gemma McIlwaine, John Taylor, Kevin Shackell, Ruth Carr, Jane Wilcox, Lesley Lancelott, Robert Williams, Steve Campbell, Mark Tomlinson, Jane Slater


Rachael Preece, Isobel McVicar, Sonia Stewart, Steve Lynch, Nixon Tod, Georgina Sullivan

Jane Slater in the Chair

1. Chairs Introduction

All member were welcomed to the meeting.

2. Speaker

Michelle Searle from Britannia gave details of current Britannia benefits for UNISON members and was thanked for attending.

3. Minutes of the BEC Meeting held on 24th October

The Minutes were AGREED.

4. Matters Arising

Marion Doherty reported there were still problems relating to damage and theft of bikes at First Street. It was AGREED to pursue the issue of lack of lighting in the bike storage area.

5. National Pay Claim

The Branch Secretary gave an update on the National Pay Claim which was followed by a detailed discussion on the preparedness of members to take action against the pay freeze.

It was AGREED to make the campaign a major priority and to hold a Branch wide meeting of all stewards on the issue.

6. Council Budget 2013/14 and 2014/15

The Secretary outlined the likely position of government cuts of up to £80m, though the figure would not be confirmed until 19 December 2012.

Based on this the likely scenario would be proposals for £35m cuts in the staffing budget with a loss of between 700 – 900 posts, of which an estimated 200 would be dealt with by not replacing most posts which become vacant through normal staff turnover over the 2 years.

The remaining 500 – 700 posts would be the basis of a VS/VER offer from 6 December to 25 January 2013.

The Scheme would be on the same basis ie. up to 36 weeks severance rather than the 30 week statutory limit.

It was AGREED to submit a motion to the AGM reaffirming our proposals to ballot for strike action should the Council consider compulsory redundancies at any stage.

7. Manchester Credit Union

It was AGREED to circulate material to members and to recommend stewards and contacts be asked to consider volunteering as workplace agents for the Credit Union to circulate material and assist members in completing and submitting applications.

8. Financial Report

It was AGREED to re-affiliate to the North West Labour History at a cost of £15 and to Labour Research at a cost of £108 and £67.50 for the FACT service.

9. Greater Manchester Ambulance Service Campaign

It was reported that there were free seats available on 2 coaches to London for the Lobby of Parliament.

10. Equalities

A written report of the Branch Women’s SOG meeting was circulated.

11. Labour Link Report

The success at ward, constituency and Police Commissioner elections was reported.

It was AGREED to include an invite in the AGM to Labour Party members to consider being ward and CLP delegates to their local Labour Party from our Branch to help promote UNISON policies in the Party.

12. Recruitment

This week is the focus of a major recruitment drive within the Region and reports were received of work within the Manchester College taking place this week.

13. Disputes

i) Wenlock Way. It was confirmed no UNISON members would cover the 6.30 – 8.00 periods which were not being covered by UNITE members as part of their dispute over the pilot rota.

ii) It was AGREED to hold an indicative ballot of Childrens Services Social Workers if threats directly linking not meeting targets for visits with capability action outwith the Capability Procedure are not withdrawn and to request a formal ballot for industrial action if required.

14. 2013 AGM

It was AGREED to consider an external speaker for the AGM and to first approach Owen Jones.

15. Any Other Business

A report was received on the proposed compulsory redundancies and cuts in the Connexions Service and the impact this would have on young people.

There being no further business the meeting CLOSED.

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