Bedroom Tax Demonstration


Assembly point 1pm Piccadilly Gardens, Saturday March 30th.

Since the 16th March, the Bedroom Tax campaign has seen more than 60 peaceful protests staged in every corner of the UK.

On 30th March, the campaign steps up a gear as  protests in London, Manchester and Glasgow and 50 more protests are across the UK on that day.  By Easter Sunday, towns and cities throughout the UK will have sent a clear signal to David Cameron – Scrap your Bedroom Tax, Dave.

The Bedroom Tax penalises 660,000 households.  A total of nearly 2 million men, women and children will be negatively affected.  

According to the Government’s own figures, 63% of those penalised are disabled.

Other people affected by the Bedroom Tax include married people fleeing abusive households.

Foster parents who look after more than one child are penalised by an average of £728 per year.

In addition, soldiers and ex-soldiers are penalised.

Carers, the terminally ill and grandparents helping with childcare are also affected by the legislation.  As are separated parents trying to share bringing up their children.

Not even a majority of Tory voters support the penalty. 

UNISON Manchester, Manchester Labour Party members and a whole host of other organisations and individuals are playing their part to oppose the Bedroon Tax.  Other trade unions and other parties such as the Greens are also involved.

The central objective of the campaign has been to maintain as broad a coalition as possible, so as to send a clear unequivocal message to David Cameron.

That our nation opposes the Bedroom Tax.

It is unfair to penalise our people, especially on the very same day a tax cut is given to millionaires.

Saturday 30th March will be family friendly and everyone is welcome.

Join in the call to Axe the Tax.

Invited Speakers  at the Manchester Demonstration against the Bedroom Tax, 1pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Saturday March 30th  include:

Julie Reid (LP Cllr Gorton South/chair)
Colette Williams (BARAC)
Aftab Ahmed (Labour Cllr Levenshulme)
Deyika Nzeribe (Green Party)
Michael O’Brien (Irish Campaign Against Water & Household Taxes)
Daniel Gillard Labour Party Cllr and Co-operative Party Rep Withington)
Peter Wheeler (Salford LP NEC)
Mansoor Hassan (NUJ) TBC
Steph Pike (UK Uncut)
John Bowman (Unite Community Union)
Stephen Hall (GMATUC)
George Tapp (NW Pensioners)
John Clegg (Manchester Unite LG Branch/Anti-Poverty  campaign)
Chris Paul (LP Cllr Withington)
Hugh Caffrey (GM Keep Our NHS Public)
Steve North (Salford Unison)
Martin McMulkin (Secretary Bolton TUC)






Pat McDonagh

Branch Secretary
Manchester UNISON

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