Protect Colombian human rights defender Alfamir Castillo’s life TODAY


Dear Colleague

Please can you take a couple of seconds to sign the petition to the Colombian Ambassador over the potential threat to Alfamir Castillo’s life.

Alfamir was a guest of the region last week and those who attended the meeting heard her harrowing story about the murder by the army of her son.

Alfamir has bravely challenged the authorities and as a result of her work 2 Generals in the Armed Forces will stand trial. But there have been numerous death threats made to Alfamir and her family. She has had a gun pointed at her on a bus and told she will die. There was an attempt by armed individuals to kidnap her and her young daughter.

It is clear that these threats have the backing of very senior members of the government.

It is imperative that international pressure is brought to ensure that nothing happens to Alfamir and her family.

By signing the petition you will join thousands across the world telling the government of Colombia that we are watching what is happening and we expect Alfamir and her family to be protected from the criminal gangs out to kill them. Don’t put it off – sign now. Alfamir and her family’s lives depend on us.

You can sign the petition by clicking on the following link.

Kind Regards

Paul Foley
Regional Organiser/International Officer

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