Why we must take strike action in October

We will take a second day of strike action on 14th October.

The Local Government Association is not giving us a choice. They are still not willing to make a reasonable offer. They are still not willing to negotiate in good faith.

We cannot back down.

We have little choice but to keep the pressure on and to keep fighting a weak and feeble Government that is quite prepared to pile the pain onto working people and onto those using under-funded public services, for as long as they take it.

We need fair pay.

Our dispute is not about having more money for luxuries. There are many members of our union who are having real trouble making ends meet. Members who are claiming benefits for the first time. Members forced to use food banks. It is not acceptable. We must not let it pass.

We need to stand together.

Even if you personally are managing in these difficult economic times, you have colleagues and friends in your union who need and deserve your help. And this is what Unions are for; standing up for working people in the tough times.

We also want the biggest co-ordinated action in UNISON we can. Our members working in academies and health are being balloted too.

Waiting for October will mean that they may be able to take action on that day too. So if you have family or friends who work in a school or in the NHS tell them to vote. Tell them to vote YES.

If we do all stand together then we will win.

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