Citizen Maths course registration is open – try something new!

Autumn is a perfect time to try out and learn new things. As a Maths Champion you now have an opportunity to register on the Citizen Maths course ahead of the course launch in mid-September.

Citizen Maths is a free open online maths course. The course will be set to Level 2 (equivalent to GCSEs A*-C). It is mainly for:

  • self-motivated individuals whose level of mathematical capability is at or above Level 1, but is not yet at Level 3, and who want to improve it;
  • employers who want to provide staff (or trade unions their members) with a practical and flexible learning and development opportunity in maths.

Learners will need to have use of (and know how to use) a desktop or laptop computer with a broadband internet connection.

Citizen Maths will involve interaction with a range of meaningful problems. These include: mixing recipes, creating pie charts, looking for best buys, figuring out how the pinch gesture works in an iPhone, and deciding how many workers to deploy at the supermarket checkouts.

The course includes a series of short instructional videos by two very experienced maths teachers, to give learners the feeling that they are in a one-to-one tutorial with a skilled teacher.

This is the very beginning of Citizen Maths journey so your feedback as a Maths Champion is extremely valued. Here are four steps of action for you to follow:

  1. Spend a few minutes to register to Citizen Maths now from the “Ready to Register?” page on the Citizen Maths website at
  2. Take the online course starting, which is due to go live on or around the 12th of September
  3. Give feedback on how the course will fit the work of a Maths Champion either directly to unionlearn or using the feedback options inbuilt to the course
  4. Help your colleagues, friends and family to go online and take a shot

Citizen Maths is an Open Online Course and it is available over the Internet without charge. It has been developed in collaboration between Calderdale College, CogBooks, the Institute of Education, and OCR, with funding from the Ufi Charitable Trust.

For more information about Citizen Maths go to You can also follow Citizen Maths on Twitter – @citizenmaths.

Contact unionlearn for more information on working with Citizen Maths

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