Academies – a divisive policy

Once again we see a government wanting to brick up the state education system and to make it private and selective.

UNISON is at the forefront of the campaign to oppose the establishment of academies. School and community campaigns must be supported like those in Cumbria, Lancashire and Manchester so far.

Working closely with Teacher Unions, parents, governors, local people and in particular Anti Academy Alliance.

Academies are not linked to the democratically constituted local authorities they are not bound by national pay and conditions, state funded private schools whose public assets being handed over to the control of individual organisations.

Becoming Private will incur increased costs long term – financial uncertainty and there is no additional funding available. UNISON has experience of pay and conditions of service worsening. 

UNISON believes in state education, we must challenge new academies working with governors, parents, teacher unions, the public and all those who believe in state education.

UNISON is working with other education unions through the North West TUC to provide briefings and training for our members who are experiencing the aftermath of their school becoming an academy. This work focuses on providing practical help to members who now find themselves in a very different employment relationship. The first TUC briefing event is being trialed in East Cheshire in November. Though we oppose academies we are committed to supporting our members in academies.

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