Administration of Medicines

UNISON has produced advice on this subject for school support staff. We believe the demand has increased and as demand has grown, so has the pressure on support staff. There is a wide range of medicine in school, administrated in different ways, as well as help required, for example, with peg-feeding, breathing, restricted mobility and continence.

A lot of support staff are providing medical care, without suitable policy in place or adequate training. UNISON does not underestimate the challenges in supporting children. But there should be nationally prescribed safeguards, standards and a recognised clear line between needs that can be met by school staff in carefully controlled circumstances and those that require the intervention of health personnel.

UNISON believes there should a policy; risk assessment should be on a voluntary basis and with adequate training. 

We have updated our advice and stressed the need to avoid risk to children and our members.

A copy of the new report is available from your Branch.

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